Thursday, August 4, 2011

RHD Bazaar - Learning

Write down at least 3 things you have learned about making sales?


  1. : I have learned that we must be serious during the bazaar in order to increase sales.
    : I have learned that income must be more than the amount spent to buy equipment.
    : I have learned that we must work with people who have power to succeed.

  2. I have learnt not to make assumptions.
    I have learnt to be more hygienic in terms of food standards.
    I have learnt to how profit is earned and business people make lots of money.

  3. I have learnt on how the best way to advertise a product.
    I have learnt what an advertiser does in the real world
    I have learnt how to improve quality in sales

  4. I have learnt that we must concentrate on what we are doing to increase the sales.
    I have learnt how an advertiser does his work.
    I have learnt that working together is better.

  5. I have learned that we must be serious during the preparation and cannot be fooling around.

    we also have to be aware of any news about products we have or any problems faced.

    I have learnt pricing is important to achieving a profit

  6. Practice food safety
    Have a clean work area
    Never compromise the prices

  7. I have learnt how to advertise the product
    I have learnt what products attracts the most customers
    I have learnt that one must give full attention towards the sale

  8. I have learnt that when preparing we must take into consideration various needs by customers.
    I have learnt not to make assumptions.
    I have learnt that the price must not be too high or too low to satisfy consumer needs and to make profit.

  9. I have learnt that customers are always right.
    I have learnt that it is good to keep the products in good quality if we are going to sell it to the customer.
    I have learnt that we must be determined to success.

  10. I have learned how to manage a stall better
    I have learned that the customer is always right
    I ahve learned that the plan may not stay the same

  11. I have learnt to plan before we start to tend a stall.
    The food must must not be contaminated if we want to sell food.
    We have no advertise or not the customers wouldn't know where you are.

  12. -The hygiene of the stall affects the customers
    -Do not make assumptions

  13. I have learnt to be more prepared
    I have learnt how to earn money through profits
    I have learnt not to waste time

  14. abiyyu arif rahman8/12/2011 08:19:00 AM

    I have learnt that planning can take a very long time and sometimes the most usable idea can come from something unimaginable.
    i have learnt that sometimes too much people working in the stall can be very hectic
    I have learnt that money is hard to get and it only comes when the product is what people want

  15. -There must be advertising.
    -The products must look good and attractive.
    -There must be a plan beforehand.

  16. - It is important to be different from others
    - It is important to have an interesting sale item
    - There must be an objective for the buyer when he or she buys from your stall

  17. 1. Quality of Products
    2. Hygiene
    3. Advertisement

  18. I've learned that plans do not always go according to our expectation
    I've learned that a great planning is needed in order for the stall to run smoothly
    I've learned that a good game stall is hard to run

  19. -Needs good planning.
    -Hygiene conditions must be strict.
    -The quality of the products must be good.