Friday, August 12, 2011

Problem Solving Questions - Group 7 (Irfan, Yong Jie, Gavin)

Please post your questions to the group.


  1. 1) SMRT is a company, so who in the company do you want to tell
    2) What about people who have difficulties balancing in the already fast MRT trains? Won't it be worse if it is faster?
    3) Longer/Bigger MRT ≠ Cost efficient

  2. 1) Your method of subsequent boarding and alighting will add up and increase the travelling time which will be longer than maybe a 6minutes wait time, so how is this method faster?

    2) Longer trains would cost more, the cost will still be high as a train is costly alone, not to say additions to another train, so how is this cost effective?

  3. If the train were to move slightly longer, won't it be very dangerous?